Data ztratíte nejspíš s klasickým HDD

12.06.2014 00:10

Výzkum společnost Kroll Ontrack ukázal, že nejčastěji se na ztrátě dat podílejí klasické HDD...

Data ztratíte nejdřív s harddiskem klasickým

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Ryan and Roman share a run-first-philosophy.
The Jets will be playing their first game overseas since a preseason game in Japan against Tampa Bay in 2003. While he was coach of the Buffalo Bills, Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey traveled with his team to Toronto three times 锟?but that did little to prepare him for this type of trip.
Chris Boswell kicked four field goals and the New York Giants finished off the preseason with a 12-9 victory Thursday over the New England Patriots, who had already won a much larger victory earlier in the day.

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